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CommentShark is a YouTube comment management and analytics tool, it helps you engage with more of your YouTube audience in much less time. Build your community and grow your channel faster! Learn more.

Mate this is fantastic! Much better than other, well known Chrome plugins I've used. Fastest way to respond to the most comments means more engagement with my subscribers over less time. Have my team using this and they're loving it.
YouTuber with 500k+ Subscribers


Templated Responses

Create templated responses to quickly respond to comments. Use variables to personalize your responses. Great for thanking viewers for watching, answering common questions, posting links to products or other videos, and more!

Soon: Comment auto-pilot

Automatically reply to comments based on keywords, phrases or sentiment. Comment auto-pilot will help you engage with your audience even when you're not online. Perfect for when you're on vacation or just need a break. It can answer questions, thank viewers for watching, and more!

Comment Search, Sort and Filter

Search your YouTube comments by keywords and phrases, or even semantic search! Filter your comments by words, sentiment, dates, and more!

Advanced Reply Generation

Use our AI-powered reply generator to quickly respond to your comments. The generator uses your previous replies to generate text in your voice so you can respond to comments in a fraction of the time, or just use it to get inspiration for your replies.

Soon: Comment Sentiment Analysis

See the sentiment of your comments to see how your audience feels about your videos.

Batch Actions

Apply actions to multiple comments at once. Perfect for deleting, replying or screenshotting lots of comments at once.

Soon: Comment Summaries

See a summary of your comments to see what your audience is talking about.

Top Commenters

Your top commenters are your most loyal fans. See who they are and what they are saying. You can even see how many times they have commented on each of your videos.

Viewer relationships and history

See all the comments from a viewer to see how they have engaged with your channel over time. Keep track of your most loyal viewers, and never lose context of a conversation again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CommentShark?

CommentShark is a web app that helps you scale engagement with your YouTube audience, it's the ultimate YouTube comment management tool. CommentShark allows you to quickly respond to comments, reply to multiple comments at once, use the help of AI to generate replies, template repetitive responses, search and filter your comments, find your top commenters, see your history with them, and much more! See the features section above!

How does it work?

CommentShark uses the YouTube Data V3 API to fetch your comments and videos, and respond to comments. CommentShark does all the hard work for you, giving you more time to focus on creating great content!

How much does it cost?

CommentShark currently free to use with a preview link (1000 comments). Contact us for more information about pricing.

How do I get it?

CommentShark is a web app, so you can use it in your browser. It works best on desktop, but it also works on mobile. Just login at /dashboard to get started.

Does it need my YouTube password?

No, CommentShark uses the YouTube Data V3 API to fetch your comments, so it doesn't need your password. In order to use CommentShark, you will need to login with your Google account. If you want to revoke CommentShark's access to your account, you can do so at https://myaccount.google.com/permissions

Is it safe?

Yes, CommentShark is safe to use. It doesn't need your YouTube password, and it doesn't store any of your data. It only accesses your data when you use the app unless you have provided consent. See more at our Terms of Service.

Will my comments be classified as spam?

No. Comments on YouTube are classified as spam by Youtube if they violate policy guidelines. You can read more about YouTube's spam policy here and here.

Developed with YouTube, CommentShark uses the YouTube Data V3 API to provide you with the best YouTube comment management experience.

CommentShark uses the YouTube Data V3 API to provide you with the best YouTube comment experience.

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